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Bill Saad, President. With over 25 years experience in the fuels and convenience retail industry, Bill has a passion and tremendous knowledge of this business. He is also CEO of Michigan Fuels, Inc. ( a large fuels distributor (Mobil, Exxon, Marathon, Valero) in the midwest and majority partner in Fuels Transportation Inc, a fleet and fuels delivery Corporation in Michigan.



Eric Dransfield, VP and General Manager. With more than 17 years in the fuels and convenience retail industry, Eric spent 13 years with ExxonMobil as Marketing and Pricing Manager in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. He has known and worked with Bill Saad for his entire career and serves as Michigan Fuels VP of Marketing. His entire focus and time, however, is spent in Southern California growing the Valero wholesale business. He and Bill are owners and operators of several retail locations (Valero and Circle K) in Southern California.



Brian K. Mifsud, Fleet. Brian spent more than 15 years with ExxonMobil, managing large fleets in the West Coast (responsible for fleet and delivery in CA, AZ, NV). Brian was the recipient of the prestigious “ExxonMobil Fleet of the Year” award from 2000-2003. This award is given to the fleet that best manages accidents, injuries, spills, contaminations, and other criteria. Brian is also an owner in Fuels Transportation, Inc., (www.fuelstransportationinc) a successful fleet and transportation company with large clients like ADM (Archer, Daniels, Midland). Brian also serves as VP of Michigan Fuels, Inc.



Lori Holder, Accounts and Administration. Lori is responsible for our accounts (payable & receivable) department. Lori is part of the customer problems resolution team and is instrumental in working to reach resolutions for Ocean Pacific Fuels and our customers. Lori also has taken on the responsibility as Bill and Eric’s personal secretary and as a registered certified notary for legal papers.

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